Sunday, March 5, 2017

007 The Smart Industry X-Change System (SIXS) - 02 Walthers Cornerstone Tank Car Oil Loading Platform 933-304

Tonight we'll work on the main structure and large piping.

I tacked the guard rails to the platform with a little ACC just to hold them in place.  Now I'll go back and use the plastic cement to make a solid bond.

The bottle is shown here, but I actually use a very small "0" brush to apply the solvent.  it is mcu easier to control.  The bottle brush drops a LOT of solvent at a time because it is so large, and the solvent can damage small parts.  You are blessed with my wisdom from previous accidents!!!

This assembly really doesn't fit together well.  The platform is a tad short.  Getting the piping in straight is very difficult and I've had to pull some parts apart to get it to work.  Take your time, and use a little cement, then when its tacky move the parts in place.

While I'm working my youngest daughter who is six is watching on my Iphone as I build the model.  She likes to see what I'm doing and we can have a pleasant chat while I'm enjoying my craft.  Both of my girls are creative and like to make things.

There was a very small amount of flash on the stair handrails, so I cleaned that up with a hobby knife.  I assembled the stair handrails and stairs using a small amount of ACC since I don't have clamps and jigs to hold the pieces in place while the glue sets.  Once it cured, I applied cement to it and put the base on the bottom of the stairs. Again with ACC I tacked on the stairs, then cemented them.  The handrails don't match the top handrails, but I notice in other people's models they don't either.

There is a top bracket for holding the pouring arms, so I glued that into place.  That's a lot of parts so I'll stop for tonight and let them cure until tomorrow or the next day.  Taking your time and not rushing will make for high quality and strong models.  If you want to keep working, keep several projects going at once (I usually have about three) and move them on and off the bench by using lunch room trays or cookie sheets.

Night ya'll.

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