Friday, March 24, 2017

The Model Railroader's Notebook is EXPANDING!

No, I'm not expanding.  I'm expandED.  Larger than life!  The Model Railroader's Notebook dates back to January of 1989 when I started collecting my experiments and failures in an on line note file.  Very few if any model railroaders were on the web at that time.  Shortly after I started the website.  About 10 years ago I started the blog to better track what I was doing and to make the entries simple.  Now with over 1,200 readers I've decided to go back into the model railroad business.

Yes, I did swear I'd never do that again.  Mostly because it takes a lot of time away from the hobby.  But after looking at my assets, my on line sales expertise (from Capital Ceramics and Paint-a-Potamus) and the ever present dollars growth in the hobby, I'm electing to come back in.

Today I secured the website

Our first venture will be in publishing.  For years I've been answering questions on the Heart Of Georgia layout, called the Better Beginner's Layout or just the "Hog."  I've finally put it to type and have almost finished the book.  I plan to release it in July.

I still design train layouts, and in fact have designed over 100 of them, with many of them having been built.  Look for more good stuff coming in this arena.  My photo lab and lights are on the way!

There are several other things up my sleeve, so stay tuned and get your friends on the blog!

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