Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your First Laser Kit 09 - Basic Barn Kit - Wall Assembly Part 3

Now that we have the barn glued on the right sides we can put her together...

 We'll leave one side in the gluing jig and remove the other.  Make sure the joints are strong and straight.

 Test fit the barn sides and if they look good and square, apply glue to the corner braces and put the barn sides together.  Use the magnets to gently hold the barn square and tight.

 The lean-to can be removed and moved to another corner.  Next we'll add the other side.

 Mount the other wall in the jig against the back wall and secure with magnets.  Using another toothpick, break off a piece, coat it in glue and stick it in the corner.  Thanks go out to legendary editor and NMRA photo contest chairman Paul Voelker for teaching me how to use round dowels to support corners.  They work great!

The roof boards curled up again!  We'll fix them!  A little water and two of Popsicle Rick's weights and we'll flatten them!

Tune in again for more barn storming!

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