Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Product Review - Scratch Building Structures Volume 1

Scratch Building Structures Volume 1 by Green Frog

Ok, if I watch it twice back to back and plant to watch it again tomorrow, its a good DVD.  This is an older one but still very valid for today.  I've seen John Koch's tremendous On3 layout in real life and it was amazing to say the least.  Sadly it is gone now.

If you model in O scale this is perfect for you!  In O we have a few more issues with size than do the HO or N guys.  You have to dig the saws out and you run out of workbench fast due to the size.  Green Frog shows you how to build some really massive structures and they don't spare the details.

They build several models from Blazek plans and the results are awesome.  The depot, which I remember being about four feet long, is really incredible.

Buy this one!!!

Hey, wait a minute.  What happened to Volume 2?  It must not have been produced because I can't find it in their catalog.

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