Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your First Laser Kit 03 - Basic Barn Kit - Painting the Barn Inside

Ok, let's paint some barn!
 One thing that I thought about was the open barn doors.  I want the doors open but I really don't want people to see that there is nothing inside.  We fix that with a little black paint.

 I'm out of masking tape, so we'll use cellophane tape.  Turn the barn sides sheet over...

 ...and put tape over the doors making sure to overlap the tape.  We want the doors red on both sides, but all the rest of the interior must be flat black.

 Using a hobby knife trim the tape but cutting around the doors.

 Peel of the extra tape leaving the doors covered.

 I put the sheet on a paper towel and prepare to spray it in my shop.  Since there is only a little paint that is going to be used I'm not going outside with it.

 Using Testor's Flat Black spray paint I very lightly spray the back of the sheet being EXTRA careful not to get it too wet.  You just want to kill the wood color, not coat it.

 You can see the dark spot on the right.  That is the door section.

We remove the tape and let it dry thoroughly.

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