Sunday, February 6, 2011

Your First Laser Kit 06 - Basic Barn Kit - Painting the Trim

 Before we trim the barn, we have to paint the trim.  I was going to airbrush it but that would require hooking up the airbrush cabinet which I've not done since I moved.  So let's take a short cut...
Each piece has to be trimmed and de-burred.  This is a time consuming process because the boards are very tough so the burrs don't remove easily.  Mostly I had to use a razor blade and coarse sandpaper.  As I trimmed I placed the pieces on the double sides tape which holds them firmly in place.

 Here is the razor blade and sanding block.  Normally I would use one of several very small sanding sticks or Emory boards, but I can't find them in my shop!

 The faithful can of Testor's Flat White paint.  Ok, I hate their white paint and this is a job for an airbrush, but we have to do what we have to do.

 I gently spray painted the pieces from every angle, being careful not to spray on too thick of a coating.  Noticed that I missed and sprayed the thumb.  Of course I'm out of mineral spirits.

 Using a sharp pair tweezers I gently remove each piece while it is still wet so that it doesn't stick permanently to the board.  To clean the tweezer points just stick them rapidly in and out of the sanding sponge.

Here are the pieces drying in the indoor sun.  I'll leave them overnight to dry.

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