Thursday, February 3, 2011

Product Review - Sprayer, Mat, Plastic Tree Armatures, Dowels, Moss, Adhesive

I had no luck at the train show today, so I had to pick up some suppliers at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

 I needed a very fine mist sprayer for water.  I've got an alcohol sprayer and needed to be able to mist wet water.  This is just a little pump sprayer.  Word of advice; if you find one you like, go back and buy several because they don't all spray the same.

When you put a chemical (like water) into a bottle you must label it so that you know what it is.  This is REGULAR water for now, so I just write "water" on the bottle with a Sharpie Marker.  Eventually I'll dig out the Dawn dishwashing detergent and add a drop or two making it WET WATER and I'll make the change on the outside of the bottle.

 You can't have enough self healing cutting mats, and I needed another one.  Don't buy these at the hobby shops, though...go get them at Walmart where they are cheaper.  This one may go back.  Thanks to the wife for reminding me.

 Hobby Lobby didn't have asparagus ferm (plum moses fern) in stock, so I got this plastic plant.  It looks like a plastic version of asparagus fern and might be good for O scale.  It will definitely be more durable than asparagus fern.

 Some more 1/8" dowels for cypress trees.

 Remember when we used to use Reindeer Moss for trees and scenery?  Wasn't that long ago.  Well, I've got another use for it and you'll see it soon.  STAY TUNED!

 Hey, this is cool.  Aleene makes THREE different types of adhesive.  I've used the gold bottle for many years but there are two others and now the are in a handy trial pack called a Tacky Pack.

 Regular, Fast Grip and Quick Dry.  We'll review these on upcoming projects.

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