Saturday, February 5, 2011

Your First Laser Kit 05 - Basic Barn Kit - Painting the Trim

Now we need to paint the trim work on the barn.

 Let's get the trim piece out and take a look at it.  All of these pieces will be painted white.  Unfortunately we can't paint them like we did the wall sections.  Since the are going to be stuck on the wall & door sections you'll be able to see the sides of the boards.  When laser cutting there is a tendency for the boards to burn slightly on the sides so this has to be covered with paint.

 These parts are VERY delicate.  I started cutting with a hobby knife and switched immediately to a razor blade because of the extremely narrow cuts.  First I try to cut out main sub assemblies, and then work them down to their smallest part.

 I've cut all of the main sub assemblies out and this leaves the wood sheet empty.  This is adhesive backed wood and we'll save it just in case we screw up a part.  Just put it aside somewhere.

 Cutting out the door cross bracing is very delicate work, so take your time.

 The hayloft door looks very boring compared to the main doors, so I'm going to leave the kit plans for a minute and carve my own brace.

 There!  One nice diagonal with adhesive on the back!  Don't be afraid to change the kit if you need to.  This door would normally have a support like this.

 All of the pieces have been cut out.  Now I need to sand the sides and remove the burrs.  For some reason I can't find my fine grit sander so I'll have to go to the hobby shop and get a new one.  It is critical for this work as the parts are so tiny.

 Meanwhile, I'll go ahead and make a paint board.  I do this by taking Scotch Brand double sided tape and laying some strips out on a sheet of foam board.

The double sided tape took the pigments out of my finger prints!  After I sand a piece I'll carefully place it on the paint board and get it ready for airbrushing.

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