Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your First Laser Kit 08 - Basic Barn Kit - Wall Assembly Part 2

Ok, being on baby duty and modeling don't always work.

"You must focus!  Concentrate!"
- Mr. Miagi, The Kung Fu Kid

 Um, what's wrong with this picture?  A side and a front, and a side and a back?  Ok, now put them into a rectangle.  NOT!  !!@$!@$!@%@#$%

 Like I say all the time, being a good modeler is not about being able to build perfectly but being able to remedy your mistakes.  Here's where the balsa comes in.  It slices "like budda" and comes right off.

 There is only a little wood residue so we'll hit that with a sanding sponge and start over.

 We put it on the correct side this time, lock it down with magnets, and glue a new corner board in place.  We'll park it and let it dry.

Another problem; the corner had been dinged and is no longer square.  Time to retire this tool.

Ok, bad things happen in threes....where is number three?

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