Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Piedmont & Western Part 1

For the past few months I've had the great pleasure of operating on the fabulous Piedmont & Western Railroad in HO Scale.  The P&W was build by Master Model Railroader Jack Parker.  This is a coal hauling railroad that operates in North Carolina and points north.  Jack is a wonderful fellow and a great teacher.  He is helping me finish up my AP Certificate in Dispatching.

Here is a Southbound freight running through Mount Laurel yard, with horns and bells blazing!

 American Potash spreads over several sidings.  This layout spans two buildings and has 99 industries!  Its huge!

This is the map of the line.

 The turn at Loray yard.

 The control panels operate by touching a "hot wire" to screw head to throw a turnout.  I like this MUCH better than button.

 Fall scenery covers most of the layout.

 Each industry has great detail.  Some are very old but still look great.

 Jim Thomas watching the through freight which he's given permission to pass.  Jim has been very kind to help me get used to the massive amount of track and trains.  We recently had 21 people arrive for the operating session, and it still wasn't enough!

 I love this!  Removable cows!  When the stock cars come to pick up the cows are removed.  They are on a sheet of plastic.

  There is a pin (see tip of the finger) and you can pull it out easily.

Many of the industries are quite creative.

More tomorrow!

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