Saturday, February 25, 2017

004 The Smart Industry X-Change System (SIXS) - Sidekick

A sidekick is a part of the benchwork that attached to a stable base.  Usually it only has two legs and just extends the layout in another direction.  Tonight we get to work on the sidekick.  We'll call him Tonto.

This is an oops.  You won't see this in one of Pelle Soeburg's articles in Model Railroader.  Or anyone else for that matter.  I make mistakes.  This is a planning mistake.  I didn't calculate the leg positions correctly because I never planned the benchwork and didn't draw it.  So'll I'll cut this off and move on.  We are human, aren't we?

The top part of the sidekick is laying there.  The flat plate on the right will bold on to the benchwork on the large piece.

Tonight's snack is in honor of the Girl Scouts of America.  Dosidos are EXCELLENT when dipped in a bourbon and Coke.  Tonight's Bourbon is Maker's Mark.

I measured and put one screw in both the legs.  Still we do not have a level or a speed square so I'm just going to assemble it, and get the tools I need tomorrow.

With the module installed on top, we'll stop here until we get the tools.  Once we level and square it up, we'll add the cross braces and mounting bolts, and we're done!

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