Friday, February 24, 2017

Delta Contraband

I'm back from Utah!  Did you miss me?  I had great fun finding out that my ex-wife has filled my full model shop with all my other stuff.  There was no where to walk.  Hopefully I'll be moving soon.  My lovely daughters helped me get stuff out and assisted in packing.  They make my life wonderful.

I had to put everything I wanted to carry into this little box.  Wow, can I pack!  My shop is like a hobby shop where I've been collecting cool stuff for half-finished products for centuries.  When you have millions of things to pick from, and you live in an apartment, what do you select?  Follow me...

Components needed for the chemical plant took the highest priority.  I had purchased these small tanks and piping kit many years ago in preparation for this type of project.  How's that for planning ahead?

Here is a priceless classic!  No telling what this kit is worth, but when built it is enough to get me another AP Structure piece.  I've been meaning to build it for years, so we'll work on that this summer.

I have tons of Evergreen styrene.  I took a bunch with me in O and HO scales so I can scratchbuild.

Ok, not everything was sitting around.  I picked up this classic at The Hobby Shoppe from my friend Randy.  I'll use the tanks to make molds so that I can pour and make quite a few more.

This O scale model (seen in prior blog posts) was not finished, so we'll get to work on it and finish the article.

I carried this brand new airbrush set.  We'll need that for sure.  Sadly I couldn't bring the compressor or the paint.  Freakin' air travel rules!

Ok, so not everything was dug out of the basement.  I picked up this kit for the chemical plant from Doug at M.R.S. Hobbies.

Well, every chemical plant needs a water tower, so I brought this along.

I love to listen or watch DVD's when modeling, so I brought more model railroad subjects.

The chemical plant track will be hand laid, so I brought bags full of crossties with flat profiles for the low trackage buried in years of chemical waste.

Randy at the Train Shoppe let me play with a locomotive which he had mounted one of these "sugar cube" speakers.  Wow!  Great sound!  This will be mounted in the chemical plant as well.

All of this was shoved in the box and nothing was damaged by Delta.   Lots of great building in the near future, like....TOMORROW!

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