Monday, July 25, 2011

Sardine Can

My workshop now feels like a sardine can.  I can barely move...and it is a mess again.  But for the sake of getting my MMR and having some model train fun, I press on.

 The main computer system is now working, but not connect to the network.  Marie (IT Wiz) is working with me to move the routers and the cable modem into the workshop so that they aren't in the way of the layout.  In the mean time I'm putting things away in the desk.

 Well, there is no where else to put the shelf unit, so we keep it in the very cramped workshop.  I put it in an "L" shape to the steel shelf.  It takes up some floor space, but no one is ever in here but Taylor and me, so it will do for now.  Taylor helped move all the tubs back into the shelf unit.  I have too much Q#$!#$.

 There!  Computer is done.  We took the scanner though and moved it upstairs because our printer needs to be attached directly to the router.  I put up my Georgia Northeastern lighted sign and the rest of the crap and now have a nice desk.

 My shop (again!) is a disaster.  I have DVD's and tools laying everywhere.  Will have to clean up soon.

 The router found a new home as did the color laser printer.  So much for desk space.

 Even my models under construction lost space to the cable modem, now high up on the shelf.  I also lost TV connection temporarily because the modem has to connect directly to the cable line, so we'll fix that later.

 Marie has moved all her computer stuff to the tables so I'll start taking this desk apart as well.  We'll move it to the back corner of the playroom upstairs where Marie can work and be closer to the children.

 I hate !@#$!@#$ pressboard!  But you can't beat the price.  Just never move it.

 There!  All the desks are gone.  I'll keep the file cabinet for a while so that Marie can empty it later.

 Lots of open space now, but still some things to move.  The cabinets need to be cleaned as well.

We'll steam clean the carpet and clean up the cabinets and shelves, then we'll call the electrician to come put in the special work lighting so that I can see.

Making progress!

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