Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ok, Ok, I Get the Hint!

Ok...I get it!  I get it!   I just got back from the NMRA Convention and couldn't believe how many people read my blog and how many get mad when I'm not regularly posting.  I'll get going again, I promise!

An NMRA Convention will really get you motivated.  I no more got back than I told my wife that I had to get on a layout to finish my MMR.  Working in the garage won't last because in a few months it will be bitterly cold again and I'll need that space for my car.


She gave me our small basement main room.  Marie agreed to move her desk to the playroom which she thinks will be better because it is where the kids like to play.  I drew it out on cad and the desk has plenty of room.

Meanwhile, I'm moving my computer desk to the model train workshop.  There is plenty of room there and it won't be much of a move.  I will have to do some cabeling but it is all minor...and my computer will be near my workbench!  Bye, laptop!

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I thought about starting all over, but I have a great layout going, it covers all my MMR needs and I have all the supplies.  So, since it fits the room, I'll finish it.  Honestly I'd rather work in On30, but this layout can be finished in a year.  I'd love to have my MMR presented with friends at the 2013 convention, so that is my target.

My goal is to post 5 times a week from now on and to get this MMR layout finished!

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  1. Look forward to your updates. I did not make it to Sacramento with my Z scale ZoCal group as I was recovering from acute pancreatitis and gall bladder surgery. Too bad I missed an opportunity to say hello and let you know how much I enjoy being a "kibitzer" about your model making experiences.
    Lindley Ruddick


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