Friday, July 22, 2011

Ready for the Move!

I'm getting ready to empty the basement area.  We continue to make plans and it may be harder that previously thought, but still do-able.

I put the dry erase board up so that I can use it for notes and projects.  These are very handy for the shop and I always have one.

I started putting things up on the new shelf.  It is very high, so it keeps delicate models out of the way.

So here is the main basement room we are taking over for the layout.  It is completely finished and well lit.  My wife's desk is adjacent to mine and we are moving all of it.  The problem will be the computers.  Marie will need a wireless card and I'll have to lose my TV connection in the shop for a while until I rewire it.

The bookshelves are still a mess from when the @$#!@ movers threw all the books on them.  I'm going to sort them out eventually as train books are mixed with business books.

This cabinet section, while it looks nice, is a big space eater.  Unfortunately it is staying.  I need to re-sort the books here as well, but we can use the cabinets for train storage.

The fireplace and windows dominate the other wall.  The fireplace is gas and very nice during the cold winters.  The windows are subter...subtearan...under ground.  Keeps the room cool in the summer. 

Tomorrow we'll move my desk to the model shop.  I've got one tall shelf section that has to go and still don't know where to put it.  We'll think about it tonight.

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