Sunday, November 28, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 5

I'm tired from a long day of shoveling snow.  Got 4 more inches this morning on top of the foot we already have in the yard so I shoveled it off.  Then we got three more inches by noon and I had to shovel that off.  At 3:00 pm I bought a new snowblower and cleared the snow again.  It's still snowing!  Great weather for model trains.


It seems my work tables are now covered in junk, so I better work on clearing them off before I go any further.  I want my main bench clean so that I can use it.

Another seven shoe boxes were filled tonight.  These were consolidated from about 10 boxes.

There!  The desk is uncovered again.  I found all kinds of things including tons of Caboose Industries Ground Throws that I lost many moons ago.  This evening I went through all of my remaining paint and threw out a lot of it.  So much $$ waste with paint.  The new drawer set has been installed under the desk and I filled it with clamps and other miniature tools.

It seems I keep everything, so I'm making it a point to throw away or put in the sale box anything that I don't think I can use on the next two layouts.  All my S-scale stuff is going, and some N as well.

It hurts to get rid of stuff.


  1. It may hurt like heck, but you will feel better once you finish it. I cleaned my workbench yesterday in between conference calls, and I feel much more positively about my projects now.

    And I am willing to bet there are those of us who will find your cast-offs to be treasure; so be sure to post your eBay listing links or similar when the time comes (especially since I work in N scale . . . )

  2. I think I'm going to take the left overs to my new friends in the Wasatch Division and give them away.

  3. An even better plan . . . I love wealth sharing.


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