Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building a New Workshop

I've decided that the best use of space in the new smaller house is to set up a shop in one of the 10 x 10 bedrooms and focus on getting the modules for the Dixie Central finished for my AP Certificates.  Here in Utah the weather is cold and the nights are dark, so I'll get a lot of good model building done.  Meanwhile I'm collecting HOn3 rolling stock for the next railroad and will take over the family room.

The shop will be a 10 x 10 bedroom with a large closet.  I've taken our two old office desks for use as shop benches.  They are steel frame and very solid.  The will fit along the long wall and the main desk will be in front of the basement window.  I've removed the door from its hinges and stored it until I get through with the job.  It opens inward and chews up a lot of space.

I'm going to continue with using plastic shoeboxes for storage.  The plastic rolling three shelf units are flimsy and not strong enough to last.  I'll build in some shelving in the closet and will erect one large shelf unit outside of the closet in the corner. 

Over the desks I'll need storage as well.  I'll probably build some wooden shelving and run power to the desk by way of a power strip.  Lighting will be needed as well, and I have a lot of desk lamps.  Since Black Friday is coming up I'll buy a new flat screen tv for watching cable/videos.

The rooms is cozy and will work out fine.

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