Saturday, November 27, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 4

(Sung to the tune "These are a few of my favorite things")

Blow dryer, lab mixer, old power packs,
Crushed mixing cups and some bottles and sacks,
Three coffee cups and some coal in a lump,
This is the stuff that I took to the dump!

Electronic keyboard and old Dremel cases,
Worn loco cradles and saw blades with spaces,
Dried up old paint and some things that were mashed,
This is the stuff that I threw in the trash!

When the room's small.
When you've got it all.
When you want to poupt.
You screw up courage and check your dismay!
And then you can throw it away!

Damn I hate throwing my stuff out.  But I've got to make some room and most of it I don't use.  The blow dryer was never used once though I thought I'd need it to dry something.  The lab mixer is a hot plate and a stirring tool, but never did more than heat my coffee back up.  The rest are triplicates of junk I didn't need in the first place.  Never save tin cans!

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