Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thank You, Rick Luther!

My friend Rick Luther, or "Little Joe" as we like to call him because of his Milwaukee Road affliction, is one of the most talented Marketing guys I've seen.  I'm in the consumer products business, so I've met hundreds of them and I know what I'm talking about.  Other than being a gifted model railroader, he has this amazing way of making beautiful graphic artwork and designs that actually get people to do something!  In our club, the Utah Society of Railroad Modelers he is constantly designing logos, banners, flyers and graphics that help us sell our club.  Because of Rick, we are growing.

I asked him if he would help spruce up my blog with a new header!  Wow...did he ever!  And you are only seeing one of the several I picked out.

Thanks, Rick!   You are awesome!!!

Scott Perry (left) realizing that his battery in the camera is not charged.  Rick Luther (right) trying not to laugh too hard.   Jim Wanlass photo.

Go visit Rick at his blog:  http://northmontanaline.blogspot.com/

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