Saturday, February 23, 2013

042 The Augusta Railway - On30 Mods

All I'm going to do is to make some modifications to the track work so that I can convert the layout to On30 later after I get my AP Certificates.

Mostly we just need to widen the track.  On30 requires 3" centers in order to pass safely.  First thing we'll do is work on the curves.

 Here you can see that the curves are nested at 2" from center to center.  We'll decrease the inner curve from 20" radius to 19" radius to give us the extra inch.  We'll also need to make sure we clear the overpass, so we'll put the inner curve on a grade going from 1" high to 0" high.  This will give us a 4.5" clearance.  It will look better in HO as well.

The lower August siding needs to be spaced apart as well.  We'll move it to three inches.

Here you can see the 3" measuring sticks that I added to gauge the separation.

Now that it is widened, we can move to the upper Augusta passing siding, which is not as easy to widen.

I had to flip the switch on the left in order to make the siding still reach the building.  This is ok though.

Here is the layout now.  Ready for cookie cutter.

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