Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take a Look at Snow!

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It rarely snows in Georgia.  Its even more rare to get more than an inch.  So I made sure I took plenty of pictures of the 4" snowstorm.  You can see how the snow layers itself on the limbs.

I like the harsh shadows of the winter day.  This is very hard to model but can be done with careful shading techniques.  Bob Wheeler is going to put snow on his layout, so these pictures will help.  As you can see the "smooth" snow is really full of texture, from footprints to shrubs.

Evergreens like these here droop under the weight of the snow that has collected on the branches.  Note there is less snow under the tree, making a kind of "dip" at the base.

Man made objects such as the mailbox clearly show the fresh snowfall.  Foot prints clearly show the neighborhood children sneaking back to my creek.

 As the snow melts the areas in the shade will remain for quite a long time.  The tree will thaw out first.

A closeup of the mailbox shows how much snow we had last night.

Cars get coated on all sides, even on top of the tires.

The blowing snow sticks to everything vertically and horizontally.

These bushes are dripping with snow, but there is none under the plant.

Animals like to make tracks as does my Shetland Sheep Dog, who fur has fluffed up due to the cold.  He probably feels the calling to his native land.  Or the call to nature as my city-fied dog doesn't like to pee in the snow and has been holding it since yesterday.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep...stopping by the woods on a snowy evening.

I let the sun shine through the lens intentionally to get the brightness and the long shadows.  Sorry about the grill.

The wood pile and the blue bird box rest quietly under the white blanket.

The sky is a solid dark blue.

The backyard trees are covered.

What's this?  An invader!  These are WABBIT TWAX!  We have a large momma bunny that lives in the back yard and was out and about last night!

This was a good chance for me to study snow.  For me studying snow means studying shadows.

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