Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scenery: Soil Colors

This handy list was given to me today by Master Model Railroader Larry Smith of Alabama. This is great! Its a list of color mixes to get specific soil colors.

Soil Colors

Raw umber, burnt umber and Vandyke brown

Rich Brown:
Burnt umber mixed with burnt sienna

Reddish Brown:
Burnt sienna and raw sienna

Indian red, scarlet. Various shades can be obtained by mixing in orange and a bit of burnt sienna

Heavy raw umber stain

Thin raw umber stain. Also thin wash of lampblack

Rock & Stone Strata Colors

Gray Limestone:
Stain with very, very thin wash of lampblack first. Then tint with extra thin washes of ultramarine and burnt sienna.

Red Sandstone:
Indian red with burnt sienna. Sometimes burnt sienna alone will do the job.

Brown Sandstone:
Vandyke brown wash with small amount of orange added.

Yellow Sandstone:
Light chrome yellow with Vandyke brown.

Gray Granite:
Thin wash of lampblack first, followed with a tint of pale ultramarine blue.

Red Granite:
Claret red/maroon applied very strong

Burnt sienna blended with Vandyke brown.

Dark gray stain made with Payne's gray streaked with heavy blue-black

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