Sunday, February 14, 2010

Switching to XTrackCAD

For years I've been using 3rd Plan It.  While it is handy, I've spend over $600 now trying to keep up with the latest version.  My friends and I are having a helluva time sending drawings to each other because we are all on different versions.  That and the software is always a bit buggy.

I'm working on a Cotton Gin in HO for my Dixie Central Railroad and I need to draw the structure.  3PI doesn't do plain old drawings very well, so I'm going to switch over the XTrackCAD to give it a try.  Lots of people use it.

Download XTrackCAD Software

XTrackCAD Wiki

I'm also going to try Google Sketchup since it is free as well and does 3D drawings.


  1. Scott, be sure to join the XTrkCAD Yahoo group. There is a lot of information there.

  2. I have been using both XTrackCAD and Sketchup. You may be interested in my small Pump House. I created pdf files for several scales that allows you to print your Sketchup plans. Just did that to see if I could .. and it works great.

  3. Just a follow up...I tried XTrkCad and hated it. Went back to 3rd Plan It.


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