Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wheeler's Back In Town

The men of the NCIOG gathered again on Friday like we do every week. This time we were glad to see our friend Glue Bob return from Canada! So we raided his house.

In attendance: Glue Bob, Popsicle Rick, Coalfinger Ken, Packrat Paul, Steve-bay, Concrete Keith and Gator.The first order of business was to check out Bob's homework. His job was to take non-train pictures of his home town in Canada so that we can use them for scenery. He did a great job but I did see a locomotive or two represented.

Gator carefully studies the photos and asks Bob if he wants to model the graffitti on the rocks or not.
Concrete Keith is in from Chicago! Always good to see him. A top notch modeler even if he is scenery-phobic.
The night continued as we shed some light on the subject. The back corner of the layout has been dark and the scenery team (Scott & Rick) have been complaining about not being able to see the colors in the dark. So Bob got some lighting for us.

Keith is a whiz with electricity. He's so good he took off the light without turning of the 120 volts circulating through the copper. Smooth! I stayed in the background with my cell phone ready to call 911.

Bob made a hole and shoved the wire up into the attic.

Scott begs Keith to turn off the power....nothing doing!

Terrified of the ensuing accident, Scott goes over to help Steve who is laying track in the yard. Scott helps by coating the bottoms of the rails with Pliobond and letting them dry.

Steve is quite handy when it comes to track! He's working on straight sections here and then will build in the turnouts.

Ken gets some supplies and helps Steve by staining all the ties from the yard to Swas Junction. They look great when he's done and his fingers are clean!

Paul says Ken missed a spot. This is the last known picture of Paul in existence. The widow Donna says send donations.

Here is Bob's rail jig designed to hold the rails while the Pliobond dries.

Steve works really fast under the bright light with the very hot soldering iron.

Logistics become a problem with seven men in the room and the air conditioning has to run full blast.

Steve heats up a rail to move it into position.

Bob and Keith make quick work of the wiring. Bob shoves it in and Keith is pulling on the other end.

"Hey, what's this? A whistle" ....NO, it's the wire with electricity on it!!!!

Bob moves in to relieve Paul from holding the wire as his arm is turning pail and his face is turing red.

Keith is working the yard on the upper deck. Nice, white shoes!

Scott is drowning in scenery...the guys will paint the backdrop later tonight!

Why is it not working? Oops...ALL the wires have to be connected.

I have a $10 spot saying he falls off the ladder...

What! No paint! Crap! Rick and Scott get in the car and go to Wally Mart. Apple Barrel paints are great for scenery! We buy $7.00 worth.

While Rick and Scott are gone, the rest of the guys paint the backdrop.

One color...that's easy!

Oops....add some white.

We're back with the paints. Rick blends the colors while Scott paints the rock facings. Messiness counts.

A blotch here, a blotch there and then some ink wash to blend them together. Perfect!

Just a light mist...two or three drops of india ink in alcohol.

A picture of Rick doing nothing. Thanks Rick for all these great photos! I'll remember my camera one day!

Bob's list of projects is really getting done tonight!

Check...check...check....we're done!

Here is Rick and Scott's rock work. Not quite right. Bob's photos show more yellow, so we'll let the dry and play with it some more next trip.

Removable scenery is a nifty idea. We may do more with this in the future.

Ken staining the last of the ties.

The trick is not to get it on the floor. Or your shirt. Or your hands. Ken has it down pat.

A rock cut with a little iron ore.

Another area of the rock outcropping. Bob is excited. Me too!

There goes another great night on the railroad!

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