Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Product Review: Painting and Weathering Detail Castings With Dave Revelia

Painting and Weathering Detail Castings With Dave Revelia
DVD by Scott Mason at www.scotttymason.com

Overview: “How to” DVD that covers basic detail component painting and weathering. Most details are primarily O scale, but tips span all scales.

I have to admit I really enjoyed this video. Dave really knows how to apply color and texture, and most of the techniques applied directly to what I’m working on now. His use of paints along with texture powders really does make a model “pop” out into the scene. Dave really goes into the finest detail about painting so anyone that sees this program should be able to follow the simple instructions and get award winning work.

My first thought is that I’d like to have seen more work around preparing the detail part and giving it a base coat. These steps are critical to good work and need to be understood. Likewise, some of his techniques are a bit dated, though they still work very well. Instead of hand painting barrel staves, I use a paint marker to do it which is faster, gives you more control and dries quickly. Many award winning modelers seldom change or develop new techniques, I’ve found.

As to the DVD, the photography work is excellent as is the sound. It is clear and crisp. Photographing such small items is really hard so you will enjoy the close up work. The ugly black wrinkled curtain is back again, and to make it worse Dave has on a black shirt. There is no humor but some light background music makes watching more pleasant.

It would be a stretch to say the DVD is worth $30. I’d say more like $15. It is worth watching and will give you some great ideas, so buy one and sell it to a friend for half off when you watch it a few times.

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