Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let There Be Light - Now at Scott's House

We had a hard time getting started tonight. I had a hard time getting started. Suffering from jet lag from a week long trip to California and working 16 hours a day or more kills you. Really, I'm starting to hate doing this on Friday nights. It's the worst night of the week.

Thanks Rick for the really makes the blog!!!

Tonight's fun club is Glue Bob, Steve-bay, Coalfinger Ken, Popsicle Rick and Gator. We started off the evening with Ken assembling the rolling draw units I bought a month ago for scenery materials. Then he and Steve sanded and painted the benchwork with $2 reject paint from Home Depot. It is now a yucky gold color, but that will all be covered up. Its just to seal the wood.

Steve is taking the belt sander and leveling the spackle for a nice, smooth surface.

Bob, Rick and myself attacked the lights. I'm installing five sets of 4-bulb florescent in the room. This should light up everything.

Bob did the wiring, but we had to redo some of what Scott had done previously as the pigtails were not long enough.

Not sure who told Steve he could crawl all over the benchwork, but he was doing so well that we left him alone.

It is hard to take pictures of guys installing lights when there is no light. Where's the flash, Rick?

Ken had the roller and was making quick work of the painting. Inspection of "Coalfinger's" fingers showed no paint at all!

Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

The plugs didn't fit through the conduit so Scott had to take them apart and re-install them.

Bob is good for high level electrical work!

Please don't hit the watermain!

One by one the lights are installed...

Paint continues to flow...all the time the group chatter is brutal and divisive. Even Rick lost his speaking privileges!

We'll like it better when the big lights are in!

Bob rewires the pigtails...

The island is in the way! Time for it to float out to the main room.

Ken gives it a coat of paint while its out there.

It rolled back into place later...just perfectly!

This has become a very handy system for getting some layout out of the way.

Scott fell off the ladder. This time lapse photo shows him about to collide with the concrete. Rick mopped up the floor. Thanks Rick!

Painting was completed over half the layout, which is great! We will need more $2 paint.

Scott tried his hand at wiring. Good thing it wasn't hot like Kevin's wires last week.

The photos ran out here as Rick had to leave, but we were able to get all five banks of lights installed, discussed the backdrop, painted the benchwork and everything else in one evening. Thanks guys! I'll wire up the lights next week.

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