Tuesday, May 8, 2012

031 The Utah Night Shift - Photography Software

Photography in this day in age is only half camera.  The rest is software.  Here are the software tools I plan to acquire and use this month:

Adobe Lightroom Version 3 - There is a version 4, but version 3 gives me everything I need for about $100 less.  This sofware will allow me to manipulate RAW format photographs and gives you incredible color control.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 - Again, stepping down from Elements 10.  Version 9 gives me more that what I'll every use. Elements is stepped down from the full Adobe Photoshop package and cost about 1/4 as much.  This software allows you to stitch photos for backdrops and add scenic affects such as smoke to a locomotive.

Helicon Focus - this digital imaging software allows incredible depth of field by stacking multi-focused photos.  It is now a much for model train close up photography.  One year license is $30, and there is a free trial.

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