Wednesday, May 2, 2012

024 The Utah Night Shift - Ceiling Lights

It is POURING down rain we have to stay inside.  Its a good time to put in the ceiling lights that I keep putting off.  In a rare example of helpfulness, the wife has volunteered to help me!  Oh boy...

 As you can tell by the dark room which still needs a flash even thought there are about six can lights in the room, we need more light!  These are CF lights in the cans that will be replaced with daylight bulbs.

 My trusty tool bag with all my wiring gear.  I'll need screwdrivers, lineman's pliers, wire strippers, needle nose pliers and a host of other gadgets including my battery powered drill.

 Taylor was in the way tonight, so we sent her to bed.  Marie helped me measure out the distance for the center of the room and we put a very small push pin in the dead center.  Not sure if you can see it.

 The light that I bought had a higher grade of ballast than normal.  It pays to be good light fixtures.

 This small step ladder is handy in a room with only eight foot ceilings.  Its just enough to get you near your work.

I can't show you the work because we were in the dark the whole time.  I shut off the breakers to the basement, removed the can light, installed the new light, ran the wire through the ceiling, and wired it in to the can light's box up in the ceiling.  All in all it took about 40 minutes.  And now we have light!  I'll put new can lights in with the same Kelvin rating and they will all look the same.

Next stop....balance the tables and hook them together...and we are ready to lay track!

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