Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rejoice! For I Have Found What Was Lost!

I knew I had another steam loco with sound!  I remember buying it, but like so many of us when you have a quantum mass of train junk in the basement it is often hard to put your hands on what you need.  So you buy another one and eventually have three hobby shops in your basement (Hi Packrat Paul!  Miss you man!).

 Its a 4-6-0 just like the other one, but this one has a sound decoder.  And it sounds amazing!  Let's give her a test run!  Oh...where did I find it?  LOL...where it was supposed to be!  In the box with all the other rolling stock so that I'd know where it was.  I'm going to the Doctor tomorrow, btw.

 Quickly I hooked up the DCC system.  Yeah, I probably should take an afternoon and get the test track up and running.  Wouldn't take long.  But this works for now.

 I need to adjust the wires, but other than that she runs great and the sound is fantastic!  Just what a small layout needs.

Oops!  Somebody heard the whistle and came running down stairs to see what was going on.  She took my throttle and started running my toy!  I hate that....gotta get her some of her own.

Not the best video as I had the wrong camera handy, but you can hear the sound.  Now when I get here sister loco back they will make a perfect set...right after some heavy weathering!

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  1. Scott,

    You're having WAY too much fun! Nice loco & love the video with sound. Keep up the great work!



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