Monday, October 3, 2011

Last of the Risers

My darling wife, even though she is sick with a terrible cold, took the broken hot wire cutter back to Hobby Lobby and got me a new one.  She is wonderful!  Now I can finish the risers!

 When I'm not working on the layout I read a lot.  My basement is full of books.  There are many model railroad books, but only a few I treasure.  This is one of them.  If you can ever get a copy of Pual Mallery's Trackwork Handbook, buy it at any cost.  It is worth its weight in brass locomotives.  The reason I'm reading is that we are going to be laying track soon!

 To bridge the gap between sections 1 and 2, we need four risers, two on each section.

 For this we'll need a detail drawing for measurements, a tape measure, Sharpee marker, risers and a hot wire cutting tool. 

 From the edge of the wood section (not the foam) I measure in 3" per the plan.  That is the center of the trackline.  We'll put the shorter block there.

 With both risers placed, I'll draw around them with a Sharpee.

 Hot Wire Tool #3 (first one broke, second one didn't work) is hot and ready.  WARNING: this things will burn you really bad and make you say words like @#$@# and #$%# #@%  so be careful.  You'll need to wipe off the foam residue occasionally so I use a thick rag.  CAREFUL!  You need to wipe from the tip down to the handle and not the other way around.  The reason is the residue is sticky and if you wipe from handle up to the tip (as seems very natural) you will pull the wire out of the base and tear it up.  Sounds like experience, don't it?

 I cut out the square and removed the blocks.  The base foam was glued in place so I had to do some excavating.

 The fit is nice...not quite as snug as I'd like but no matter.

 Both square holes are dug out and the blocks are resting in place.

 Once in a while clean up your mess.  My rule is - the first time I can't find a tool easily, I stop and clean up. Foam gets all over everything, so you need to toss it in the trash can.  I used to save foam scraps but found after a few layouts that they are just in the way and I only would use a small fraction of them.  There is always plenty of big pieces around.

 Using the XL300 adhesive all the blocks are glued into place. We'll let them dry 48 hours.

 At the end of the session I pick up all my tools and put them on the tool tray.  I make sure that the foam cutting tools are unplugged and all sharp instruments are in the middle of the table where I can find them.

There!  The risers are in.  This will allow me to finish up the foam work and get ready for the side boards.

Good night!

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