Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thinking About the Georgia Northeastern

Now that I'm moving and thinking about a new house, I want to build a model railroad that is more permanent than some I've built before.  This time I'm not moving.  Anytime I start with a blank sheet of paper I always think about the Georgia Northeastern

Benjamin Matchett recorded this great railfan journey on the GNRR.  What fun!  Lots of good bell!

And part II.

I'm thinking about building some sections (Layout Design Elements or LDE's) in my spare time, and highly detailing them.  Then add to a layout later.

Thomas Klimoski's article on modeling the Tate facilities is due in the mail soon.


  1. Thinking of switching from On30 to HO standard gauge, Scott?

  2. I've always model HO but usually on other people's layouts. I'm thinking a large layout for operations so On30 may not be best for that.


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