Monday, November 30, 2015

006 Mammoth Cave RR - Track Gang at Work

I moved the layout into the bigger basement room to be warm by the fireplace and to have more elbow room.  Aside from 107 interruptions by Wicked Witch of the West, I am getting some work done.

Each section of the track is being carefully trimmed and filed to fit.  I'm starting with code 70 rail joiners for code 83 track as they fit a little tighter.

Aside from the soldering iron, these are the tools I'm mostly using for the trackwork.

Today I started using the code 70 rail joiners but they were just too tight, even when trying to open them on the widening tool.  Can't afford to have my hands gouged, so I switched back to the loose code 83 joiners.

My mobile tool bench has everything I need for track work and it can roll around the layout with me.  The light is the most helpful to my eyes as seeing tiny things even with glasses is tough.

I"m using Rick Wade's gifted weights that are so handy!  They hold the track in place while I solder.

I've decided since I don't have the turnout I need and can't afford a replacement, I'll just do without.  We have a simple loop of track now.

 The loop of track is done!  You know what comes next???

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