Saturday, November 28, 2015

004 Mammoth Cave RR - Benchwork The Sequel

Let's take a look at some things I did on the benchwork...

While the benchwork is all painted flat black, I did paint optic orange where the legs go.  This makes it easier to see when the layout is covered in scenery, and helps keep me from mounting anything to these areas.  This is Testor's Orange.

Here you can see it better when I lift the frame.

The corner round molding is about 2 1/2" long, just short of the three inch height of the board.  Its glued in but no other fasteners are required.

Here is the interlocking "waffle grid" on the outside beam.  It is sanded flush.

The legs come in just short of the top of the layout so that they won't interfere with the foam surface.  Does that sound like experience?

With most every joint glued and reinforced the layout is very strong and still lightweight.

Here is the valley "depression" for the river or lake.

This front board can be removed to make the canyon even deeper (negative benchwork) if I so choose.

 This board can be cut or removed completely, then replaced by a profile cut plywood board if the canyon goes below the benchwork.  It may not happen, but its good to have the option.

I drilled to 1/2" wire holes in the table.  Not straight, but they will never be seen.

Here is the support for the layout.  The layout is lifted slightly so you can see where it goes.

The frame sits all the way across the beam for a good sturdy fit.  I'll then clamp them together with a strong clamp with the layout is on display.

The benchwork is level and straight, but the camera guy is a bit off center.  Ask his friends, they will tell you the same.

The cross beam has been cut out to handle the canyon.  It can't be removed as the layout rests on this beam.

I did put a piece of track down because I'm excited to get to work.  Business has been VERY stressful, and I've been away from the trains for a while.  Its cold outside, so this is the way I'll relax until Margarita season.

I'm going to use 2" foam for the base and the second layer.  It is heavier than you think, so I'll surgically remove some inner foam and scrape out some underneath to drop a few pounds.

The test caboose will always be present.  It is taller than most of my cars, and wider, has bad wheels and has been dropped a few times.  If it runs on the layout, the layout is perfect!

Ok, now we go to Home Depot and get some foam...

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