Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Abandoned Sinclair Gas Station in Elberta, Utah

Hi train fans!  Yes its been a long time since I've posted.  Lots going on in my life with several new businesses, wife and children.  Yet, I'm going to try again to get back on the blog!  Let's start here...

I recently went on a trip to central Utah, taking the road less traveled, when I stumbled across this little gem.  My brain is failing, but I knew in my photographic memory that I had seen it somewhere before.  Slamming on the breaks, I grabbed the trusty Cannon and started shooting.

I think what caught my eye is that it just looked like a model.  Its sitting on top of the dirt, not in it, as many models do.  It had really interesting door features, and it was abandoned and old which will catch a narrow gauger's eye in a heartbeat.

It is sitting on flat farmland with too very old cottonwood trees guarding it.  The building area is very well kept for an abandoned structure.  I so wanted to peak inside!

Here you can see the unusual doors straight on.

I took this to make a decal with it should I choose to build one.

After I got back the little building kept haunting me.  I knew I had seen a model or a kit of this structure.  Finally after a photo search on Google I came upon the site of my friend Chris Brimley of TrainLife fame.  He had built a model and published it in Rail Model Journal.  Here is a link to how to build this wonderful structure.


I took several duplicate photos, so I only posted the best ones here.  Have fun!


  1. Nice find. Good to see you blogging again.

  2. Life is busy, but very happy to see you sharing your advice and techniques again.


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