Monday, April 27, 2015

Sketching a Portable On30 Layout

We know that the 10.5" radius, while not optimum in On30, it is usable.  Now we need to start designing a layout that will fit in my workshop.  My daughter wants me to build a swamp layout again, which would be easy since I have most of the equipment and molds available.
Taylor helped me design a very simple layout.  While the track plan is quite simple, the scenery effects will be complicated and make it very viewable.  
 We started with an oblong oval, and added a spur and a off-line main.

 We put a few trees and the swamp onto the 3D view and ran a train.  Taylor enjoyed running the train.

 While the real feel of the dense overgrowth is not felt here, I've sketched swamps enough that I have a good feel for it.  We have the wood we need to make this over the course of next week.  Still, I'd like to build a mining layout.

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