Tuesday, July 7, 2015

002 Mammoth Cave RR - Cutting Wood With Blaine Holbrook

Meet Blaine Holbrook!  I'm working on my new On30 portable layout, and I decided that since I can't get Luaan Plywood here in Utah, that I'd just make it out of standard plywood.  My friend Blaine is a member of the local NMRA here in Salt Lake.  He volunteered to help me saw the lumber.  What I didn't know was that he has an amazing wood shop and is a master carpenter!

Here is Blaine feeding wood into his saw to make 3" boards for the layout.  The shop has every tool you could ever want.  Mr. Holbrook is a friendly and helpful fellow with a lot of skills.  I got the chance to tour his house and saw all the amazing woodwork and cabinetry that he's made over the years.  Wish I had that talent!  Thanks for the loan of your saw, Blaine!

I got the chance to peak at Blaine's train room.  He's about ready to start building the benchwork it appears.  This cabinet was of particular interest in that he had modified it...

Wow!  The flat drawers slide out and it is used for storing rolling stock and locomotives.  What a clever idea!   They are easy to see and find, and the cabinet holds hundreds of HO scale items in his collection.  I can't wait to see what he does with the layout!

To me, model railroading is about friends...and helping each other.  Thanks to Blaine, I'll have layout pictures for you soon!

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