Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adhesive Formula for Tenax 7R - Slow Acting

This solvent glue is a version of Tenax 7R this is slow drying, which allows for a tighter bond plastic-to-plastic.

Blend the following solvents:

6 parts xylene
1 part acetone
3 parts MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)

Note: MEK may be considered a carcinogen in California.

MEK makes a fine adhesive all on its own, but is much too fast (aggressive) for me. The Tenax 7R is a bit slower.

Do NOT use Methylene Chloride as an adhesive. It is very good by is a carcinogen.

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  1. Somewhere I found that an 'official' "Tenax plastic welder" site states that it is di-methyl chloride. I've been using it ... for decades, I must be resistant, lol.


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