Thursday, December 24, 2009

My New Track Supplier

While I don't advertise on any of my blogs I will plug an extremely good supplier in order that others my benefit from their service.

My local hobby shop has been out of Micro Engineering track for months. I've asked them to order it repeatedly and they always say "its been out of stock and we get it when we get it." So I thought it was unavailable.

Finally, in an act of desperation I jumped on the HO egroup and asked for ideas as to where to get track. A nice fellow by the name of Glen Thomas said that his company Cream City Turnouts carried Micro Engineering and that he'd be glad to fill the order for me.

I told Glen that I really needed it before Christmas because I plan to work on the layout over the holidays. "No problem" he says. Glen gave me a price even better than my local hobby shop and had it Fed Ex'd to me (at no extra charge). It arrived yesterday in good order, drop shipped directly from Micro Engineering themselves! Two packs of six sticks, ME code 83 weathered HO track. Hey....I thought they were out of stock?

So thanks Glen and Cream City Turnouts.

It appears they produce a variety of custom give them a shot for your track needs!

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