Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Cleaning and Sorting

So yesterday I put scenery stuff in two rolling cabinets. It was not enough. Today I went back to Wally Mart and bought another three drawer cabinet. This one is now full as well.

In the top drawer I but sprayers, bottles and cups for scenery work. In the next drawer are my swamp specific cypress trees, stumps and knees. The bottom drawer is plaster, plaster cloth and some bulk scenery items like logs, timber and wood scraps. You know I still need at least ONE MORE! Marie is going to kill me.
They had the small three drawer units on sale for $6.50 each so I bought two of these. I'm using them for layout specific details such as swamp details in drawer one, castings in drawer two and people and figures in drawer three.
I still have this much more stuff in the back room, but I'm going to wait to buy any more containers. I need to have a throwing out party first.
The top of the workbench is now clean, having recently been my sorting table for scenery stuff. I'm about to use the paint so I'll leave it there. I may clean out the bottom shelf next week.
Train room is back in order again!

Dr. Perry to Trackwork! Dr. Perry to Trackwork! We are going to be laying track soon. Better get a jump on it. This is my portable track laying tool bench. I've had this a while. It is a tool caddy that I bought on sale at Pep Boys and is normally used for auto repair. It is PERFECT for working on the layout. This one is adjusted to 42" high. It is all metal and can roll it's top over your work area. I modified it today so that the small trays are in front instead of the back. Then I put a 26 1/2" poplar board in the back and made a holder for my arm light and mounted a power strip to it.
The light swivels and can be moved over my work area on the layout. The power strip provides juice for soldering irons and the like. The metal surface of the top table is great for soldering. The small trays hold track laying tools and spikes.
I also keep some tools in an orange caddy that can move from table to layout. This way I don't sit tools and supplies on the layout itself. You lose things that way. We will finish the last pieces of benchwork on July 3rd and I'll start laying track by mid July. We'll have the mainline done by November 1, hopefully in time to put me on the Piedmont tour. If the mainline is not done, I won't be on the tour. Laying track on pilings by hand is hard and time consuming work.
Taylor wanted me to finish this section, so I worked on it a while then had to go cook dinner. I may finish it later tonight.

Taylor played with me all day in the basement while I was down there. She loves the trains.

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